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  • Anonymní
  • Nový Zéland, Pár, 25-30
  • Nomád nováček
Pensione Sorriso, Cinque Terre, Itálie
20 čvc 2013

Very good location, right near the train station and the beach. Did not have the breakfast because it was too expensive. The room and bathroom were both very good. Good value for money compared to other places to stay in Cinque Terre.

    • 8.0Hodnota za peníze
    • 6.0Zabezpečení
    • 10.0Umístění
    • 8.0Zařízení
    • 8.0Zaměstnanci
    • 8.0Atmosféra
    • 8.0Čistota
  • Anonymní
  • Nový Zéland, Pár, 25-30
  • Nomád nováček
Passenger Ship Maria Alberta, Amsterodam, Nizozemí
29 čer 2013

We had an amazing time staying on Maria Alberta. Our host was the friendliest person imaginable and he cooked us an amazing breakfast that included pancakes... these were seriously the best pancakes I have ever had. The second morning we were there we had to leave early and he prepared us a breakfast to take with us that included filled rolls and omelettes, the omelettes were delicious. He also drove us to the markets because we would have missed them if we had walked. Definitely recommended!

    • 10.0Hodnota za peníze
    • 10.0Zabezpečení
    • 8.0Umístění
    • 10.0Zařízení
    • 10.0Zaměstnanci
    • 10.0Atmosféra
    • 10.0Čistota