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Cesta do Jimmy Jumps House/Hostel

Savičiaus gatvė 12-1, Vilnius, Litva

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  • 93%Hodnota za peníze
  • 89%Zabezpečení
  • 95%Umístění
  • 93%Zaměstnanci
  • 90%Atmosféra
  • 88%Čistota
  • 87%Zařízení

Destination: Saviciaus gatve 12-1 Time to Walk: 15 minutes.


Walking from Bus Station:

1. Walk straight out of the bus station to the road ahead STOTIES GATVE, go down STOTIES GATVE until you reach an intersection.

2. Cross the road. You have two choices, left is V. �openo gatve, and right is SODU GATVE. GO RIGHT DOWN SODU GATVE. Wave to the prostitutes you might see here!

3. Keeping right on SODU GATVE you will reach PYLIMO GATVE.

4. CROSS PYLIMO, Go Right for 5-10 Meters, No more! As the building block ends, then take your first left and then another left immediately, basically swinging around the building.

5. Crossing the small parking strip, You will now see ARKLIU GATVE on the other side. Follow this all the way down, (the end turns into a small cobble alley) until you reach VOKIECIU GATVE. Directly across this however, you will see a large open square and the town hall to your left.

6. Cross this square to the opposite corner aiming for the NORDEA BANK in big blue letters.. This is the turn off to SAVICIAUS GATVE.

7. Go Down SAVICIAUS until you reach NUMBER 12.You will see a large blue/gray gate and a doorbell with small sign. Ring doorbell and staff will let you into the courtyard. It is APARTMENT NUMBER 1 on the right a few meters into courtyard.
THERE IS NO BIG SIGN ON STREET ONLY A SMALL POSTER AND DOORBELL on the arch. You will know it when you see it ;)

Again: SAVICIAUS 12, duck through the little blue door, apartment number 1 first on the right.

Please DO NOT ring on the neighbours door.

*IMPORTANT- Look at the photos to get an idea of what the Gate looks like, because some people get confused.. :) Its a small door to get inside the courtyard. You'll also see a small graffiti of 'jimmy jumps house' by the arch gate.

From Train Station, walk across the street to the bus station and follow the above steps.

From Panorama Hotel after coming from Kaunas Airport:

Head down the hill and turn Right and this is SODU gatve, which is mentioned in the directions, follow from there :) (left would bring you quickly to the bus station)

From the Vilnius Airport:

Take Bus 1 all the way to the main bus station (stotis) and then follow the above directions.

Taxi from the airport can be expensive.. if you can call one this is a good company:

Ekipazas - +370 52 39 55 39

TAXI: +37069853685
*NOTE � Taking a taxi from the street randomly will cost alot more than calling for one. We suggest you call, or if you want we could call you a taxi, just let us know. If you do call a cab, it should not cost more than 8-10 Litas to get here.